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Stimulate awareness and change

“We wear 20% of our closet, 80% of the time. It basically implies that there is an imbalance between the amount of resources we use and the amount we have. ” – Ray A. Smith 

With Paradox of Fashion we take our own position as fashion lovers and consumers as a starting point and reflect on the impact clothing and purchases have on the world.

The effect on our planet

The fashion world has a devastating effect on our planet. To illustrate, the global fashion industry causes a quarter of all water pollution, almost as much as the oil industry. In both the cultivation of textile crops and the manufacturing of clothing, tens of thousands of children and adults are forced to do dangerous and unhealthy work for less than living wages. This kind of behavior is the starting point of Paradox of Fashion. Paradox of Fashion is a project that aims to battle overconsumption of clothing, the heaps of discarded clothing, and the associated social and environmental impact. We want to break through behavioral patterns with an online and offline awareness campaign. 

Let's get moving

Paradox of Fashion wants to shake up things, encourage to rethink, discuss difficult issues, stimulate the debate and get people moving using insights from philosophy and psychology. It is meant to make you not only aware, but also wants to encourage you to adopt a new attitude or change your behavior. It is a constant reminder of the challenges we are facing when it comes to fashion.

Step 1

Facing the paradox of your wardrobe

Paradox of fashion shines light onto the conflicting fashion choices we make through clear visualizations. This will help you get a more satisfying wardrobe.

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Step 2

Visual feedback
leads to change

Paradox of Fashion is an offline and online awareness campaign. This campaign continuously offers friendly visual reminders meant to break behavioral patterns in consuming clothes.

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