Through this Cookie Statement, we inform you about the way in which we make use of cookies and similar technologies on our website. 

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files which save and retrieve information about your visit to our website. This is the way we can recognise and remember you. This small text file is sent to your browser of choice and stored on the hard drive of your computer, tablet, phone or any other device you’re using to visit our websites.

How do we use cookies?
We use cookies and similar techniques to ensure you can use our website with all its functionalities on any device and to provide you with the best experience of online shopping. This includes cookies which are necessary for the functioning of our website, but also other kinds of cookies. When you provide consent to dropping cookies, they are also used to personalise the advertisements and services provided to you and show you other relevant communications about topics of interest to you. It is important to note that we don’t store sensitive data in the cookies, such as credit card details.

These are some of the ways how we use cookies:

  • Keeping you signed in 
  • Understand how you use the website 
  • Remember your preferences 
  • Remember the content of your shopping cart 

In the next section, there will be a more detailed and technical explanation how our websites use cookies and similar technologies.

What types of cookies do we use?

Essential cookies
These cookies are essential to ensure the proper technical functioning of our websites. These cookies are also known as technical or purely functional cookies. An example of such a cookie is one that collects the size of the screen on your device, so we know how to show our webpage to you. Another example is that the website remembers what is in your shopping cart on the website.

Analytical cookies
We use Google Analytics and similar tools to analyse how you use our website. For example, which parts you like to go to the most. This information helps us to improve the website and your experience with albelli.

Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies collect data that we use to serve advertisements, for advertising campaigns and to target audiences to be able to deliver to them the most relevant information and personalised campaigns.

Some of the cookies described above may be dropped by third parties when you’re using our website. They may use the cookies to serve ads based on your interest or track your response to their ad. albelli does not have access to or control over the use of the data collected by these third parties. Please check their Privacy and Cookie Statements for more information. Please note that we do not share any of your personal information we hold in our databases with these third-party companies, except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

Browser settings
You can use your browser settings to change your preferences regarding the management of cookies being dropped on your device. Please be informed that if you do not accept cookies being dropped through our website, access to certain functions on our websites can be denied and/or the functionality of our websites can be limited. In case you want to manage your cookies, you can mostly find this option within the settings menu of your browser.