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Visual Feedback

“How can we possibly have so many clothes, but yet so little to wear?”

Paradox of Fashion is an offline and online awareness campaign. This campaign continuously offers friendly visual reminders meant to break behavioral patterns in consuming clothes. Every week we release a new image. 

Between love and hate

Making clothing more sustainable requires a different look at this everyday theme. Only then you can change behavior. With Paradox of Fashion we want to shake people up, encourage them to think, make difficult matters negotiable and stimulate discussion on a daily basis.

We do this by presenting a series of visualised equations about fashion and clothing. By comparing the images duality emerges. Consider the duality between the love of fashion but hating the industry. That you feel wonderful and guilty after a purchase. That repairing the zipper of your favorite pants costs 20 euros, while a new one costs 19.19 euros. That our clothes break more quickly, but we also know less about the skills to repair our clothes ourselves. 

Visualizing duality

These visualizations show the conflicts of clothing we are facing every day. It’s about reshaping your thoughts in a way that can affect change in behavior and impulses. Paradox of Fashion repeatedly shows two situations that reinforce each other. Making the conflict more accessible and helping to make this complex world a little easier to understand.

Using visualization to imagine positive outcomes in your life isn’t a new practice.  “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an often used saying. Complex ideas can be explained using a single image, conveying the message or its essence more effectively. People remember images better than words, especially over a longer period of time.

Themes we deal with

The project Paradox of Fashion shines light on recognizable situations around fashion. By exploring, visualizing, combining, connecting and themes around fashion. These are themes we deal with:


Clothes and functionality

Clothes and identity

Clothes and commerce

Clothes and production

Clothes and consumption

Clothes and waste

Clothes and value

Clothes and history
Step 1

Facing the paradox of your wardrobe

Paradox of fashion shines light onto the conflicting fashion choices we make through clear visualizations. This will help you get a more satisfying wardrobe.

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Step 3

Stimulate awareness
and change

With Paradox of Fashion we take our own position as fashion lovers and consumers as a starting point and reflect on the impact clothing and purchases have on the world.

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