Ambition step 1

Facing the paradox of clothes

“We prefer buying a new item for every occasion, but we feel guilty afterwards.”

Paradox of Fashion shines light on the conflicting fashion choices we make through clear visualizations. This will help you get a more satisfying wardrobe.

Conflicts of interest

In the fashion industry we see many contradictions. We prefer to buy a new item of clothing for every occasion, for example because we feel social pressure or because a new item gives us confidence. The purchase of a garment is easily done with a click of a button. This results in overflowing wardrobes and large amounts of discarded clothing. At the same time, we are aware of the negative impact of this type of behavior on the environment and social conditions, such as child labor. Still, we are sustaining these negative effects with our impulse purchases.

Breaking the pattern

This kind of behavior is the starting point for Paradox of Fashion. The project Paradox of Fashion aims to battle the overconsumption of clothing, the abundance of discarded clothing and the associated social and environmental impact. We want to break behavioral patterns by means of an online and offline awareness campaign.The first step is to face the dilemmas around clothes consumerism. The second step is recognizing and knowing that every action has consequences. The third step is awareness and change.

Facing the conflicts

People often shy away from examining the full effects of their behavior when they discover that their way with clothes creates problems. They are afraid of what they might discover but whether they choose to look or not, the problem will cause the same effect. Avoidance is not an effective problem solving skill. Therefore, the best way to tackle the problem is to be honest and take on the challenge of eliminating the behavioral problem. Paradox of Fashion wants to help make the conflict more accessible and your behavior more conscious. To help make this complex conflict a little easier to understand.

Step 2

Visual feedback
leads to change

Paradox of Fashion is an offline and online awareness campaign. This campaign continuously offers friendly visual reminders meant to break behavioral patterns in consuming clothes.

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Step 3

Stimulate awareness
and change

With Paradox of Fashion we take our own position as fashion lovers and consumers as a starting point and reflect on the impact clothing and purchases have on the world.

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